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The original intention of this blog was to help promote my handcrafted jewelry and beading supplies. However, I believe I lead an interesting life (which Dave gets a lot of credit for), so you will often find ramblings about things other than beads and jewelry! Hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy living it!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Money Monday

I've been reading a lot of books lately, mostly of the self-help genre with an emphasis on money & finances. While I am no expert in the area, I thought I would pass along some of the tidbits I read. Couldn't everyone use a little help considering the current state of the economy? So, from this, "Money Mondays" are born!

I am currently reading "Start Late, Finish Rich" by David Bach. This book is full of interesting information and is an easy read. For this installment I'd like to start off with an excerpt from this book. When I read it, I found it to be simple, yet thought-provoking and motivational.

"The fact is, you don't get in life what you wish for. You get in life what you go for.

People choose their lives.
People choose their actions.
People choose their outcomes.
Life is a cause set in motion.
And life is not over until you quit."

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  1. Absolutely! I am a firm believer that your thoughts and actions affect outcomes in your life. Choose to be happy and successful and you will be. It's really as simple as that. :)