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The original intention of this blog was to help promote my handcrafted jewelry and beading supplies. However, I believe I lead an interesting life (which Dave gets a lot of credit for), so you will often find ramblings about things other than beads and jewelry! Hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy living it!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Shelly's Stuff is on Twitter

I made the decision if I'm going to immerse myself in the whole social networking thing to maximize all my options to attract attention to my handcrafted jewelry shops, I might as well add Twitter to the list. So, if you would like to follow me, please click here. I can promise you that I will not bombard you with hourly updates as to what I'm doing. I'm going to try to stick to just tweeting about newly listed items, giveaways, special announcements and events I will be at. Also, if you have a Twitter page, and are looking for more followers, please feel free to post the link in a comment.

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  1. Thanks for the blog visit! Hmmm, we had a pit several years ago (loved her so much!). I make jewelry also. Love my ATV. I'm a 'cowgirl' too (with mini donkeys instead of horses). I think I need to follow! Love your jewelry by the way :) Awesome! -Tammy