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The original intention of this blog was to help promote my handcrafted jewelry and beading supplies. However, I believe I lead an interesting life (which Dave gets a lot of credit for), so you will often find ramblings about things other than beads and jewelry! Hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy living it!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

I'm pretty sure that my favorite thing in today's post is also a favorite of many people. It's the Twilight Series of books by Stephenie Meyer. For me, it's not necessarily the whole vampire thing although that does add excitement to the story. What's got me hooked is the love story. I am a die-hard romantic. There are just certain couples that belong together...you know...like Luke and Laura, Brenda and Dillon and Britney and Justin (ok, the younger, fresher Britney...not the latest version)! I believe the same about Bella and Edward...they are just meant to be together. I happened upon this series through Etsy, the site where I have my jewelry shop. I was seeing a lot of Twilight themed jewelry. It had me intrigued so I looked for information about the book. As it happened, I was getting ready to take a business trip to California, and was looking for a book to read to pass the time on the long coast-to-coast flight. Since the first book, Twilight, was 544 pages, I figured that would be sufficient for there and back. Boy, was I wrong. I was buried in that book...I could not put it down. By the time I had stepped off the plane in Los Angeles I had finished it. I was in LA for 4 days, and had a rental car, so I asked one of the women in the office I was visiting where the nearest bookstore was. She asked me what kind of books I read and I explained that I had just finished Twilight and was looking for the next book, New Moon. As chance would have it, she had just finished it and said I could have her copy. She brought it in the following day, and I was so tempted to start reading it in the hotel room later that night. But, I knew if I picked it up, I wouldn't want to put it down and I couldn't afford to miss any sleep as I was working on a pretty demanding project. Plus, I was taking the red-eye back home and knew I had a really long lay-over so I didn't want to risk finishing the book and not having anything to read. New Moon, which is 608 pages, was as riveting as Twilight, and I finished it on the flight back. I've read some really good books (and some not so good ones), but this series is at the top of my list! I find that they really draw me in and I can picture everything so clearly in my head. The third book in the series, Eclipse, is 640 pages and I had put off buying it because I had so many other things I needed to be doing other than reading a book. Then, a friend from work said she had it and brought it in for me. I started reading it while on vacation in September. While this book is just as good as the others, I was able to put it down to do other things. I read about 240 pages on vacation, and haven't picked it up since (although, I do hear it calling to me). I just know that once I finish it, I'm going to want to start on the fourth one, Breaking Dawn. However, Breaking Dawn is by far the longest of the series at 756 pages. This just isn't the right time of year to start reading something like that. I'd never get any jewelry made and I'm hoping that my most recent "marketing" attempts are going to pay off so I need to keep the shops stocked with new and interesting pieces. Funny thing is, I haven't watched the first movie yet and now the second one is out. Not sure what I'm waiting for...maybe just the right time. I don't want there to be any interruptions and I got the impression from Dave that he thought it was a chick flick (I tried to tell him about the vampires and that there would be lots of action...he didn't buy it!) so I have to pick a time to watch it when he's busy doing something else. Hhmmmm.....


  1. Ok, don't tell my hubby I shared this with you, but I was able to coerce him into seeing the first one with me. ;) However, I was instructed to keep it our little secret. But it's been almost a year now, so I think the statute of limitations for secrecy is up...right? ;) Anyway, although he didn't LOVE it, he did say "it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be". He, he. You definitely gotta watch it! I agree...this darn series is just SO addictive!! I'm now reading New Moon for the second time to get in the mood...oh man...I'm such a nerd!

  2. Eclipse was my favorite book of all! I can't wait for that movie.
    Let's just say that Breaking Dawn gets VERY interesting and goes places that will shock you. I honestly was unsure about that one at first. In the end I liked it, but really, really needed to have a serious book club gathering to talk about it, LOL! I did just re-read Twilight, and I will re-read New Moon after I see the movie. Thanks for stopping by my Twilight post today! ;)