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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mud Bogs - Palm Beach International Raceway

On Saturday, Dave and I went to the Mud Bogs at PBIR. This was their second mud bog event and we knew from the turnout at the first that this one would be even better. Plus, there was $20k in prize money to be awarded. We were very impressed with the changes the facility had made since the first event. There were alot of safety issues at the first event, and those had been corrected. Also, the bleachers had been extended to go the entire length of the track so we were actually able to sit down (we stood up for the entire event the last time). It all started off rather slow as the stock class was first up and I believe everyone in this class got stuck and had to be pulled out. The stock class is basically made up of vehicles that have not had any changes...stock...no lifts, no oversize tires, no motorwork, etc). I'm not really sure why they even have this class...you can look at the track and know that a stock vehicle is not going to make it. Maybe it's for entertainment...so everyone in the stands can laugh at the knuckleheads...I mean hopefuls, who let their buddies talk them into running! In any case, the runs got better as the "non-stock" classes progressed. The best runs of the night had to be what I'll call the super modified class (lots of motorwork, big lifts and way oversized tires). Check out the video!

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  1. PBIR wants to thank everyone who attended! This was an awesome event and we can not wait until the next on. Stay tuned to PBIR blogs with all your favorite Social Networks; Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn, Tagged, Bebo, Friendster, Hi5, and more....